LMPE’s “Re-search for your ideas” focus on industrial-oriented chemical research and biodegradability analysis activities with technology transfer and instrumental analytical control services and training in the field of ecocompatible materials, with particular reference to product and process innovation, in technology related areas to the design, manufacture and conversion of environmentally friendly polymeric materials, including polymeric materials for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

LMPE lead a complete and permanent activity to develop new materials that can support our customer and allow you to see things differently. The specialized personnel to be entrusted with research and development processes, or studies related to the development of new materials and technologies. We have the most appropriate facilities and equipment for needs within a broad spectrum, both through the use of specific equipment and through strategic alliances with other institutions and research institutes.

In LMPE we focus on developing research tools to develop the best product for our customer. Our team is highly prepared through the experience accumulated over the years in the R & D sector focused especially on biodegradable, compostable or water soluble materials.