Projects Capabilities

LMPE “Re-search for your ideas” is leading the proposal, management and development of innovative projects in the field of environmentally friendly polymeric materials that insist on activities aimed at:

  • Design and production of biodegradable polymer matrix on continuous polymer matrices containing micro or nano-structured organic and inorganic charges suitable for the use in the field of eco-compatible packaging and products for agricultural/horticultural use and application in the Oil&Gas sector.
  • Design and manufacture of water-soluble biodegradable polymeric formulations for biomedical applications and packaging of monodoses for detergent and agroindustrial scope, aimed at optimizing the active ingredients used in the above-mentioned scope and in the production of 3D printing filament used as temporary supports.
  • Design and production of eco-compatible materials from separate collection and waste from industrial activities, following the criteria dictated by the circular economy.
  • Design and development of new biocompatible polymer matrix formulations that can be used in biomedical and pharmaceutical techniques related to specific tissue engineering and controlled release, targeted at conventional and innovative medicines.

LMPE typical customers are companies in the Textile / Fashion / Sportweare, Packaging, Detergent, Agriculture, Food / Nutraceutical, Retail sectors, but also companies in the Pharma / Biomedical, Automotive, Construction and Design sectors, as well as Polymer Converters or Manufacturers of Packaging Machines.