Test for Degradation, Photo-oxidative Stability & Biodegradation (in water, soil and compost) ASTM :

ASTM – D3826 Practice for Determining Degradation End-point in Degradable Polyethylene  and Polypropylene Using a Tensile Test.

ASTM – D5208 Practice for Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics.

ASTM – D5576 Practice for Determination of Structural Features in Polyolefins and Polyolefin Copolymers by Infrared Spectrophotometry (FT-IR).

ASTM – D5988 Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in Soil.

ASTM – D7444 Practice for Heat and Humidity Ageing of Oxidatively Degradable Plastics.

ASTM – D 5338 Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of  Plastics Materials under Controlled Composting Condition.

ASTM – D 6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics.

ASTM – D 6954 STD Guide for Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation.