Who we are



LMPE (Ecosustainable Polymeric Materials Laboratory) srl Benefit Company is an Italian Innovative SME and is affiliated Spin-off to INSTM 
The National Inter-University Consortium of Materials Science and Technology.
LMPE is a young SME, and is representing an high scientific reference content partner to Pisa University UNIPI    since it is driven by professionals with over 30 years of experience in Eco-friendly Polymers.

LMPE’s mission is aimed at the research & development of materials, processes and technologies in the field of polymeric materials, semi-finished and eco-friendly finished products, using the know-how technology transfer approach to industry as a lever. particular reference to product and process innovation.

In the field of Environmental Sustainability, the fucus is on Circular Economy, for this reason we are signatory members of ICESP (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform) 

To achieve its goals LMPE uses a set of modern equipment in collaboration with the INSTM Consortium and the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the Pisa University.

With both the Scientific Institutions, LMPE signed an agreement which also provides for mutually structured staffing for participation in R & D projects funded by The European Community, the Tuscany Region, MIUR and MISE, as well as Italian and foreign industrial partners.

The projects faced in these contexts are of pure innovative character which can be met thanks to the high quality of the technical context of the presence of Academic Institutions of Excellence such as the Pisa University of, the Normale Superiore di Pisa, the Sant’Anna Institute of Pisa and the School IMT High Studies of Lucca, which can serve as a provider of trained researchers in the design and development of innovative projects.