LMPE development of new Nanofertilizers

On 2018 LMPE  participated as a Partner  to the Project 
“Bypassing nitrogen soil cycling to increase nitrogen use efficiency by pastures”
submitted by the Agricolture Research Institution -INIA Chile    https://www.inia.cl/en/nosotros/quienes-somos/
to FONDECYT – The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development  https://www.conicyt.cl/fondecyt/
Now our R&D Head-Ing. Lucia Perez Amaro PhD, just published a Scientific article 
with the work she has been contributing  on the Project in these 3 years.


You can read the article on  Frontires, the Open Science Platform :

Nanofertilizers: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Grasslands