On April 7th at 19:00 Lima (Peru) local time GMT-5, we will give our contribution to EMPECEMOS ENTENDIENDO WEBINARS for Latin America.

LMPE will be into the panel of experts to discuss “Oxo-Degradable Additives”.

This topic was among other things the most preferred by our beloved Past President Prof. Emo Chiellini.

I want here to bring back a beautiful quote from Michael Stephen  on the day of his passing:

<<Professor Emo Chiellini… Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Pisa University in Italy, … together with his British colleague, Prof. Gerald Scott, was among the scientists who had developed plastic in the post-war period. They realised that the very durability which they had designed into plastic would cause a lasting problem if it escaped into the open environment.

They therefore found a way to cause the plastic to degrade and then biodegrade much more rapidly in the environment and they called it “oxo-biodegradable” plastic. Scott and Chiellini have made a huge contribution to the protection of our environment, for which they will be long remembered. It is sad that their invention ran into fierce opposition from the commercial interests of the bio-based plastic companies and is in consequence being actively obstructed by the EU Commission. However, it is clear to me that more people every day (even in the EU) are realising the value of their invention.>>